Insta Ready - Glitter Lips

Insta Ready - Glitter Lips

-We all want unique looks and makeup hacks that are not just for professionals but beginners as well.

And what's better than Glitter to feel noticeable during parties, festivals, fashion shows and more.

How to achieve the Look?

Step1   Put face powder or compact powder on top of your lips to avoid any discoloration/Pigmentation and create a seamless base.

Step2   Apply Parul Garg's Exceptional stay matte liquid lipstick which is transfer proof, smudge proof and waterproof as well. We are using Parul Garg's Shade Juliet Rose for a bright pop of color as this way you won’t be left with obvious gaps if and when your glitter rubs away or moves.

Step3   Apply a single coat of  Lip primer or lip gloss of your choice to create an adherence or sticky base for your glitter on top of Parul Garg's Exceptional stay matte liquid lipstick that will not make your lips dry.

Step4   Apply your glitter using a small sized lip or eyeshadow brush on top of your lips. You may have to apply several layers for consistency. If any glitter falls loose during application, you can use sellotape to gently remove it without messing up your makeup or brushing excess off with the help of your powder brush.
And voila, You are ready to shine!


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