Kajal hacks you must know! Smudging Prevention Tips!

Kajal hacks you must know! Smudging Prevention Tips!

“You forget your wallet sometimes but you never leave home without your kajal.”


Do you usually use kajal, but it smudges around your eyes, giving you the appearance of a racoon? To avoid kohl smudging, we have some amazing makeup hacks that will ensure your kajal doesn't smudge.


The way you apply kohl determines whether or not it will smudge. It will not smudge if applied precisely to your waterline. However, if you smudge it even slightly below your waterline, the kohl will smudge


Just as you would use a primer before applying makeup, you can use a foundation as a primer before applying kohl to your eyes. To avoid a cakey effect, blend the foundation thoroughly before swiping kohl across your eyelids for a long-lasting


The inner corners of the eyes are usually moist, and the majority of the makeup begins to fall from there. To achieve a natural makeup look, avoid lining the inner corners of your eyes, or use a white eyeshadow or a white liner. This technique will make your eyes pop out. Apply mascara to your eyes to make them appear larger and brighter. 


If you have oily skin, your kajal will inevitably smudge. Make a dry base before applying kohl to avoid this makeup faux pas. Apply a compact powder or a white eyeshadow to your eyelids to absorb the oil and create a smooth, dry base for applying kohl. Before applying kohl, dab some loose powder on your eyelids and dust off the excess.


Coating your kohl with eyeliner prevents it from smudging completely. After you've applied your kajal, trace it over with an eyeliner to achieve a more defined, rich look. Allow it to dry before finishing your eye makeup with a few strokes of mascara.


You can avoid smudging your kohl with these makeup hacks. To ensure that your eye makeup does not smudge, you should invest in high-quality, long-lasting products. Don't settle for cheaper kohl brands that will make you look like a raccoon in the middle of the day because they promise good returns.

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