Mascara Facts You Should Know

Mascara Facts You Should Know

It's always great to have a great mascara that makes your lashes look thick and full. That's a definite must have.
-- Carmen Electra

Yes, without mascara, which adds such a dramatic difference with such little work, your eye makeup will be lacking in one important area. A fantastic mascara has magical abilities that shouldn't be disregarded, despite the fact that it could seem like the simplest item in your beauty box. But little did we realise that this tiny marvel is also home to a number of fascinating facts, some of which we have gathered just for you.

Don’t forget to take it off!

If there's one thing that even famous makeup artists believe in, it's that you should always remove your makeup before going to bed, and the same goes for mascara. Leaving mascara on overnight can result in dry eyelashes, which isn't good in the long run. Make use of a good cleansing water that removes makeup in a single stroke.

Never, ever share mascara

While it may appear to be harmless to try out a friend's new mascara to see if you like it on yourself, sharing eye makeup puts you at risk for infections and pink eye.

The Perfect Act of Balance!

We're going to let you in on a little secret because we adore you! Keeping your mouth open allows you to apply your mascara perfectly without causing it to smudge. It is natural to have your mouth open while applying kohl or mascara, and this instinct is certainly a good one! When your mouth is wide open, it is more difficult to blink, making it easier to apply! So, the next time you apply mascara, don't be concerned about having your mouth open because it's actually helping you.

Layering has a lot of power

If your mascara is constantly running, try using only one layer on your lashes.

Apply a coat of clear mascara to seal it off and keep it in place all day.

A smell test will tell you if you should toss it, but you may keep the applicator!

"Sniff your mascara — if it smells at all like vinegar, it's time to toss it,"

But just because your mascara has gone bad doesn't mean you have to discard the brush as well.

If you prefer it to other brushes, save it for grooming your brows or applying new mascara.

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